TSJ documents the predominant past and present visual role played by the Jews in western civilizational eros. It also, on the basis of a large data sample, establishes that race as a genetic – not merely religious or cultural – fact along a physical continuum running from pure, west-central Asian-derived Khazar/ashkenazic (Type I) Jewesses through highly assimilated/ cryptic ashkenaz (Type IV); several other subcategories – Jewish/Black mischlinge, Jewish/east Asian mischlinge, and conversos (Honorary Jews) – are also elucidated. Type V, a distinctive gene pool, are the “original” mizrahic/sephardic Jewesses found in the Middle East and along the Mediterranean littoral via the Roman and pre-Roman era diasporas. Jewesses in all these categories are, in line with traditional European practice, given the appropriate Tribal middle name “Sarah”. Finally, since porn is a central element in the current pervasive, White family formation and birthrate stifling kosher Culture of Death (other elements: abortion, sexperv group entitlement, miscegnation, and Judeo-“feminism”), TSJ also documents the central role of the Jews (and their well paid shabbatz goyim) in the current, ongoing political, economic, cultural, and demographic liquidation of the White race and Western Civilization.