Type II/#E83: Gilda Sarah Rappoport, alias “Rona Scott”

autograph is Harrison Marks, Brit Jew lensman who photographed this and a whole stable of big-breasted Brit Jewesses during the 1950’s-60’s. See also: Davis, Pat Sarah et al.






































that sly, knowing, teasing Jew-look….










































while waiting on table in the guards’ messhall (wearing only an apron and high heels) the Jewess improperly positioned a piece of wienerschnitzel on Oberscharfuehrer Anglin’s plate. So she has to spend a few days in the camp prison, which hopefully will improve her attitude; otherwise, further punishment will be in order.

now seen in the camp art studio, the Jewess is ordered to demonstrate the famous swastika position, but gets it only half right, failing to properly raise and bend back her arms. Result: back to the camp prison: