that’s some nose-job….Dr. Itkowitz barely left her enough to breathe with.















soon as I saw that heavy, pendulous tit crested with oversized nipple, I just knew….it’s a Jew. Not to mention the usual pensive-aversive attitude to the N’th degree.













and now a very nice Jewish office girl sequence:

















note also the elegant, tense, spidery position of the hand/fingers….seen many times elsewhere in this documentation, and a very strong racial vector.

classic Jewshot: capturing all of Stephanie Sarah’s racial hypersexuality and Chosen Person mentality.

….and an ethno-signature sequence featuring the Hebrew fringed shawl or “Tallit”:
























….a shot of racial opulence and sensuality that tops the Jewmeter at a perfect 10.

the Jewess dancing naked….again with the Tallit as backdrop.

















































a shot which highlights the – otherwise somewhat subtle – khazarian facial features of this Jewess.

a Jewess in love….such a tender scene.













(8 years later)….here ‘ya go: