Type IV/#A7: Ina-Marie Sarah Schnitzer, alias “Jordan Carver/Alina Lewis”































so. Yettanother Jewess with big tits. But what has that to do with Hitler being right, wrong, or indifferent? Answer: not much. Except re the fundamentally genetic-racial nature of Jewishness, and that the seductive Jewess is a Tribal bio-weapon























intra-Tribal kosher code: People of the Book

















































































first shot seen of this seductive Jewess, back in 2010. Even then….my still-untuned Jewdar buzzed angrily.







































sure, if you worship the devil-god Yawveh. But if you worship God, Allah, the Buddah, or even Shinto, better to say a prayer for the hundreds of thousands of people so far massacred in the Middle East by Zionists, their American servants, and their pet (al Queda, ISIS) terrorists. And I won’t even mention Zion’s role in killing c. 100,000,000 people during WWI, WWII, 9/11, and et seq.