Type II/#Q329: Laura Sarah Sands, alias “Becky Clay” etc.























































she’s wearing a mezzuzah here, but you don’t get to see it. Yet. 































subtle Jew vectors: ethnosignature position of glasses, furry forearm. See also the recumbent nude color shot below.























nope. Not yet. The sly Jewess has swung (((it))) around back. But this shot does bring out her ashkenazic facial features to a Jewdar’able degree. Mine begins to whine and grumble at this point.
























































































the mezzuzah, wherein resides a mini-Torah scroll. For other Jewesses who thus self-identify cf. Passtel, Ala Sarah (IV/#A1), Reid, Virve Sarah (III/#A5), and many others scattered throughout these pages…. some of whom also wear the Hebrew star or ‘chai. A representative selection of these particularly aggressive Jewesses may also be found on the “Signs and Symbols” kosher tropes page.